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GDPR Consent Form


Under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Lineup Recruitment need explicit consent from individuals to process, collect and store your data for the purpose of work-finding services. As part of the registration process with Lineup it is now necessary that you sign this consent form to enable Lineup find work for you. Show your agreement to the following: I understand that the company’s client will consist of all businesses in which Lineup Recruitment Ltd have an active business relationship with for the purpose of recruitment. I understand that the processing and sharing of my personal data is necessary for the purposes of recruitment, marketing and business development. I, hereby give my consent to the company to process my personal data.


Data Protection Acts 1984 & 1998


The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that any staff handling personal data must follow certain principles in relation to the data that they hold. Individuals have rights of access to data that is held and rights to claim for damages if various offences occur. This covers manual as well as computerized records. If you are unsuccessful in this application, we will keep this form on file for 6 months should you wish to be considered for other vacancies.


Criminal Record Check / ISA Declaration


I have/will complete an application for a criminal record check (DBS Check) and can further state that to the best of my knowledge and belief, there will not be any positive disclosure made that will preclude me from working with vulnerable adults or children. I also give permission for a copy of thedisclosure to which I am subject, being made available to a named authorized person for auditing purposes.


Employees Consent Form


I confirm that my information can be shared with clients of Lineup Recruitment and can be used for the payment of duties I carried out. I agree that I may work for more than an average of 48 hours a week. If I change my mind, I will give my employer up to 3 months’ notice in writing to end this agreement.




I agree to all terms and policies stated above.







                                                 Engagement Contract                                                                       




This contract governs your engagement from time to time by Lineup Recruitment as a casual worker. This is not an employment contract and does not confer any employment rights on you (other than those to which workers are entitled). In particular, it does not create any obligation on you to perform work for the Company (even if offered) or on the Company to provide work to you and there will be no mutuality of obligation between the parties.


Company's discretion as to work offered


It is entirely at the Company's discretion whether to offer you work and it is under no obligation to provide work to you at any time.The Company reserves the right to give or not give work to any person at any time and is under no obligation to give any reasons for such decisions.


No presumption of continuity


Each offer of work by the Company which you accept shall be treated as an entirely separate and severable engagement (an assignment). The terms of this contract shall apply to each assignment but there shall be no relationship between the parties after the end of one assignment and before the start of any subsequent assignment.


The fact that the Company has offered you work, or offers you work more than once, shall not confer any legal rights on you and, in particular, should not be regarded as establishing an entitlement to regular work or conferring continuity of employment.


Arrangements for work


If the Company wants to offer you any work it will send you details of the booking including dates of work, hours of work, brief outline of duties via E-MAIL / Text. You are under no obligation to accept any work offered by the Company at any time. However, if you accept an assignment, you must inform the Company immediately if you will be unable to complete it for any reason (please refer to Lineup Recruitment Handbook). On immediate receipt of our Details of Booking confirmation via e-mail you will confirm with agency that you have received, read and fully understood the contents. If you have any issues with content of the above these will be taken up immediately or definitely prior to commencement of assignment. The Company reserves the right to terminate an assignment at any time for operational reasons. You will be paid for all work done during the assignment up to the time it is terminated. It is your responsibility to inform the Company of any changes to the details contained in the Registration Form, in particular any address changes.




The Company may offer you work from time to time. You will be informed of the requirements at the start of each assignment. Before offering you an assignment the Company will require certain documents from you in order to satisfy itself that you are legally entitled to work in the UK. You confirm that you are legally entitled to work in the UK without any additional immigration approvals and agree to notify the Company immediately if you cease to be so entitled at any time.




The Company may offer you work at various locations. You will be informed of the relevant place of work for each assignment on the offer of work e-mail / text.

Hours of work


Your hours of work will vary depending on the operational requirements of the Company. You will be informed of the required hours for each assignment on the offer of work e-mail/text and again on our confirmed booking details e-mail/text.




You will only be paid for the hours that you work on receipt of a time sheet duly signed by client to confirm hours including any overtime. You will be paidweekly in arrears on Fridays for the hours worked in the previous week. The Company will make all necessary deductions from your salary as required by law and shall be entitled to deduct from your pay or other payments due to you, any money which you may owe to the Company at any time. If you arrive late for your assignment a deduction of the equivalent hourly rate will be deducted from your fee unless our Client agrees there was a valid reason. All bookings undertaken will be paid via PAYE based on your current tax code and if you’re a limited company or self-employed, you will be paid using your business account.


If any client you have worked for goes into liquidation prior to payment being made to the Company, then Lineup Recruitment is not liable for any monies owed. In the event of cancellation by our client, the Company will be under no financial liability to reimburse any expenses that may have been incurred up to the point of cancellation. Once you have started working on an assignment that last 2 days or more, if you cannot fulfil the assignment in full, 30% of fees already earned will be deducted from final fee to cover administration costs. If client asks you to leave the assignment based on unsatisfactory performance or behaviour, any payment will be at the discretion of agency after discussion with Client.




If you have accepted an offer of work but are subsequently unable to work the hours agreed, you must notify your Lineup Recruitment contact, as stated on your confirmation of booking, of the reason for your absence as soon as possible but no later than 6hrs. prior to your start time on the first day of absence. If you or Client decides you need to leave the assignment due to illness any payment will be at the discretion of agency after discussion with Client. You will not be entitled to receive any pay in respect of any period of sickness or injury during an assignment.


Data Protection


You consent to us holding and processing, both electronically and manually, the data that we collect about you, in the course of your working relationship with us, for the purposes of the administration and management of our staff and our business and for compliance with applicable laws, procedures and regulations.


Company rules


During each assignment, you are required at all times to comply with the relevant Company rules, policies and procedures in force from time to time. Under NO circumstances should you initiate contracts or negotiate fees directly with any Lineup Recruitment clients. You would not work with any other agency at the client’s location where Lineup Recruitment sends you to. 


Confidential information


You shall not use or disclose to any person, either during or at any time after your engagement by the Company, any confidential information about the business or affairs of the Company or any of its business contacts, or about any other matters which may come to your knowledge as a result of carrying out assignments. For the purposes of this clause, confidential information means any information or matter which is not in the public domain and which relates to the affairs of the Company or any of its business contacts. The restriction in this clause does not apply to prevent you from making a protected disclosure within the meaning of section 43A of the Employment Rights Act 1996; or use or disclosure that has been authorized by the Company or is required by law or in the course of your duties.


Company Property


All documents, manuals, hardware and software provided for your use by the Company, and any data or documents (including copies) produced, maintained or stored on the Company's computer systems or other electronic equipment (including mobile phones), remain the property of the Company. Any Company property i.e., uniforms in your possession obtained by you in the course of your work for the Company shall be returned to Lineup Recruitment at any time on request and in any event at the end of each assignment.




If you no longer wish to be considered for casual work by the Company, you should inform the agency in written as soon as possible. The Company may remove your name from its staff bank for any unprofessional conduct or if you cancel an assignment on three consecutive occasions for reasons other than your own genuine illness or serious family illness or bereavement. In the latter instances the Company will assess the situation after a verbal conversation between both parties.


The Company may terminate this contract immediately by giving notice in writing to you if it reasonably considers that you have committed any serious breach of its terms or committed any act of gross misconduct. Non-exhaustive examples of gross misconduct include dishonesty, theft, fighting, mis-use of drugs or alcohol or any other acts or omissions which might bring the Company into disrepute.


Change in Terms and Conditions


The Company may review its requirement for casual workers from time to time and/or may update the terms on which it offers such work. In the event of any changes to the terms on which it is prepared to engage casual workers the Company may terminate this contract with immediate effect by giving notice in writing to you and you may, at the Company's absolute discretion, be offered a new contract for casual work.


Governing Law


This contract will be governed by English law.




I confirm I have read and understood my zero hour contract and have kept a copy for my records.